Hands On Hoops is the one place in New York City where kids, ages 2 - 6 years, learn basketball and transferrable skills through having fun. We provide individual and group basketball lessons in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Clinton and Long Island City. Remote classes are available. Learn Basketball Today!

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age is 2 years old.

How is Hands On Hoops different from other kids programs?

HandsOnHoops has grown to be New York’s #1 launch pad for kids to gain an edge by learning transferrable skills through basketball; kids learn to be a great teammate, share the basketball, build up their positive attitude, be resilient and many more essential skills that help them stand out in other sports and their life.
Kids are engaged and have fun through learning invaluable basketball skills on adjustable baskets and an interactive obstacle course.

How can I try out Hands On Hoops to see if I like it?

Sign up for a trial class.

Do I have to pay when I register?


I've registered and paid. Now what?

Join us at the location you signed up for.

What's the Hands On Hoops refund policy?


Hands On Hoops allows for a full prorated company credit for the session’s remaining classes before the third class of any period. A prorated refund, minus a $50 administrative fee, may also be issued for classes cancelled prior to the third class. There are no credits/refunds thereafter. If you decide to withdraw your child from the program, you must notify the Hands On Hoops office no less than 24 hours before the third class of the pertinent period and are responsible for all charges until you do so. There are no refunds/credits for missed classes.

Hands On Hoops reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment or change/cancel programming dates should scheduling conflicts arise at any location.


No more than two make up classes are permitted for any class, contingent upon availability and upon the express and specific consent of Hands On Hoops management. All make-ups must be used before the end of the current semester; under no circumstances do make-ups carry over to a new season. Please be advised that due to the popularity of Hands On Hoops basketball programming, make ups for these classes are frequently unavailable.


Hands On Hoops outdoor programs will run in light rain. In the event of heavy rain, lightning, or dangerous field conditions, we will cancel class and either schedule a make up, or credit your Hands On Hoops account for future use.

What's the Hands On Hoops Code of Conduct?

Kids may be asked to leave a class if there is continued intentional physical contact.

FAQ/Enrollment Agreement/Waiver

Kids who learn the correct basketball skills at a young age on an age-appropriate basket gain the edge! They will then have the opportunity to apply those skills to a regulation basket when they are older and stronger.

Kids between the ages of 2 – 6 years can get frustrated trying to shoot a basketball correctly or reaching a regulation basket. HandsOnHoops/Little Dunkers has created a process for success in basketball; young kids under age 3 learn to throw and catch a basketball while kids who are ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 years old learn to shoot and feel confident on adjustable baskets with mini basketballs. By the time the boys and girls have gotten older, they will have the corrects skills and technique to shoot, pass, catch, box-out and much more.

*During the class, there will be brief breaks with music for the young kids to dance and have fun*


We believe that the success of kids starts with learning about team, invaluable transferable skills, and core basketball skills on adjustable baskets. Kids between the ages of  2 – 6 receive an age-appropriate basketball and transferrable skills class; we try our best to accommodate siblings if they want to be in the same class.




Diana K.

My son loves Hands On Hoops. They are really great with children. They put the time into each kid teaching them proper techniques and form. They have a lot of energy with them and very positive.
Diana K.

Claire U.

My 4-year-old boys love the class! The classes at Hand On Hoops are fun and teach them the fundamentals of basketball while keeping them focused and fully engaged.
Claire U.

Eboni G.

My son had so much fun playing basketball with the other toddlers in his age group. Hands On Hoops is the absolute best with the kids, they show passion, patience and gave attention to each child individually and collectively. The exercises were age appropriate and I would 1000% recommend this class to anyone interested. Do not hesitate, the only thing you’ll be missing is fun!!!

Katrina A.

Hands On Hoops is wonderful. They have the expertise and patience and positive attitude to make any class a great experience. It’s November so I did an indoor class with my 2.5-year-old. 2 toddler hoops set up, lots of balls, a rope ladder on the floor, stickers, a hot potato toy: all great to keep the kids engaged and moving. And they are really teaching toddlers good basketball techniques.

Abehjha K.

Hands on Hoop do an excellent job with the kids; They’re both patient and knowledgeable. Your child will have fun while learning fundamentals like dribbling, proper form when shooting, where to hold the ball when passing, how to make a layup or shot off the backboard, etc. I highly recommend Little Dunkers – Basketball Skill and Music to all parents.

Vanessa H.

Great energy, positivity, and instruction even with my 18-month-old! Would highly recommend.

Lauren B.

Our son had a blast. He didn’t want to leave class and Hands On Hoops are just great with kids. We’ll definitely head back for more sessions.

Jeannine R.

Highly recommend Hands On Hoops classes – they are engaging, fun and truly dedicated. And they have a great ability to handle kids of different age groups at a time.

Deepti M.

They were fun and tried hard to capture the little ones’ interest. Range of techniques covered was good. The echo in the 86th street location made it a bit hard to grasp the terminology and a bit loud/intimidating for preschoolers. Overall, worth a shot!

Jamaal P.

Anything less than 5 stars would be an insult. Excellent program for kids of all mindsets, a great way for kids to interact (or learn to interact) with other children of different ages and races. My son already loves basketball, so for him to have a grand instructor like Mike, to be able to tend to the whole team and yet give special attention to those who need it while making learning fun, I can say that my son and I have a “BALL.”

Shira G.

My 1.5-year-old and 3.5 years old went to this class and I was SO impressed. They actually learned a ton of great skills, positive thinking (the coach taught them to say “I can do it!”), and had so much fun. Hands On Hoops are really great with kids and had the perfect equipment to do age-appropriate drills. My older son in particular really loved it. We will definitely be back!

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