Hands On Hoops has created a system that allows kids between ages 2 – 6 years learn to play basketball from an early age, gain the correct skills and have fun. It is a process of growth from catching the ball and passing to correctly dribbling and shooting. Kids will walk away excited and inspired after they shoot mini basketballs on our adjustable baskets.

Ages 2-3 Class


With our unique approach, kids have a fantastic time playing, and parents have a fantastic time watching.

Ages 4-6 Class


Playing sports teaches young kids about teamwork and cooperating with others.

Boys and Girls Class

AGES 4-6

Our personalized classes allow kids to learn how interact with other kids from different ages.

Mommy and Me Class

Mommy and Me

Playing a sport helps kids develop social skills which would benefit them when they grow older.

Daddy and Me Class

Daddy and Me

Our unique programs are designed to improve agility and instill a love of team play.

Private Class


Our core values ensure that each child will improve at his or her own rate.