In-School & After-School Classes with Hands On Hoops

HandsOnHoops has been a catalyst for the success of thousands of kids in NYC; they learn invaluable transferrable & basketball skills such as sharing a basketball, building a positive attitude and core basketball skills on adjustable baskets. Kids learn skills that they can apply to all sports and their life.

HandsOnHoops is available for customized group classes for pre-k, grade school and middle school. We cater to your classroom schedules, in-school and after-school, and have total flexibility to your needs.

Here’s why you should bring HandsOnHoops class to your school:
* Kids improve classrooms by learning about the importance of TEAM during class
* Kids build stronger relationships by learning conflict resolution skills in class
* Kids develop self-confidence by learning critical affirmations before they shoot a basketball and when they miss a shot
* Kids look forward to Hands On Hoops class and learn through having fun

Parent Testimonial-
My son love s Hand s on Hoops! They are great coaches who connect with the children and provide encouragement and guidance in a fun environment. It’s a class that not only helps with basketball skills but also helps build confidence with all the kids practicing while saying “I can do it.” I highly recommend this class!
Stephanie S

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CONTACT- Michael Deutsch- 347-858-6506 or